Our Spectrum

From consultation to implementation

Our services revolve around the development of people and organizations. From M for mindfulness, to L for leadership, to P for positive psychology, to F for the future of work.

Customer testimonials

“We held various management team meetings with Ms. Schnabel. With her good instinct for people, she gave input on how we can develop as a team and further strengthen our sense of community. Sometimes unexpressed topics and feelings came up. Personally, these events with Ms. Schnabel have always given me new ideas in my role as a manager to think about and reflect upon.”

Carola Ehrhardt

Director International Client Quality at Fleet Logistics International

“I would recommend Bettina as a coach if you are looking to develop yourself. She gets to the heart of the conversation and drills exactly where it is necessary. She has a wide range of tools at hand and uses them purposefully. She is filled with energy and ideas, and it is a lot of fun to work with her, be it in individual coaching or in a group.”


Faurecia GmbH

“Bettina gave me the tools to face both professional and private challenges with greater clarity. I am very grateful for this and can only warmly recommend Bettina to everyone.”


Pro Sieben Sat 1 GmbH

“Bettina’s energy and openness have a positive effect on joint projects and communication on an interpersonal level. She has a good power of observation, analyzes quickly and is honest and productive as a coach. Not only did I learn a lot from her in her role as a coach and entrepreneur, but our conversations were also shaped by reflection and discussion in order to advance my personal development. Thank you, Bettina!“

Malte Neubert​

1st League Volleyball Player/ Team Member at Co-Matters

“Through precise and persistent questions, we worked together to find topics that would enable us to develop further as a team and myself as a manager. The combination of your experience in a large corporation, your psychological skills and your motivating demeanor created positive and constructive framework conditions and was exactly the right thing for us.”

Reinhold Stammel​

Faurecia GmbH

“With Bettina Schnabel I experienced intensive, professional executive coaching that was always on an equal footing. We set out with four completely different leaders, a lot of testosterone and initially no common ground. Bettina Schnabel resolved the tension very emphatically, asked the right questions at the right time, was always well prepared and knew how to deal with the moods - she also conveyed a lot of fun. All participants took away something for themselves, for their leadership and for the company. To be recommended throughout.”

Christian Gruber​

Managing Director bei Pfalzwasser Getränke GmbH

“I can highly recommend Bettina Schnabel as a trainer. She is the best and most motivating coach I've ever had. Her gift is her contagious energy that carries everyone away. I'm really looking forward to another workshop full of insights with her!”

Sophia E.


“As part of the cultural transformation at Grünenthal, Bettina Schnabel supported me with the rollout of communication as well as accompanying the conference and workshops with executives. The cooperation was uncomplicated, flexible, and pleasant. Great for new impulses.”

Franziska Krezdorn

Grünenthal Pharma​